2019 News

Jackson Schroeder of The University Network explains why millennials identify with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Peter Sinclair, writing for The Climate Denial Crock of the Week talks with Dr. Mann.

Kristine Moore Writer for The Inquisitr explains that the coldest year on record was 1904, with the coldest years on record all occurring over 90 years ago.

Davis Richardson, writing for the Observer, explains why climate change deniers are trying to connect the Green New Deal to the Fyre Fest

Jessica Corbett, writing for Common Dreams, explains how people are reacting to Trump refusing to say the word 'Climate'.

Sarah Gibbens from National Geographic explains the polar vortex.

Penn State distinguished Professor of atmospheric science, Michael Mann's interview with MSNBC where he summarizes the past year in climate policy, and the impact of President Trump's administration. 

Dr. Michael Mann joins Paul Samuel Dolman on his 500th episode celebratory podcast. 

Dr. Michael E. Mann's new op-ed in The Guardian on the reaction to the polar vortex and why it reminds us how important it is to have a citizenry who can distinguish between scientific fact and fiction.

Mark Kaufman, writing for Mashable, explains how just because there were extreme cold temperatures across much of the east coast, the U.S. is still beating heat records. 

Dino Grandoni for The Washington Post explains how dangerous the new EPA researcher is to climate science.

Andrew Revkin, writing for The National Geographic explains how the science proves that colder naps will occur more often over longer timescales. 

Andrew Freedman, writing for Axios, explains how warming can actually explain the polar vortex in the U.S.

Joseph Romm for Think Progress explains how only deep cuts in carbon pollution will save the world from the incoming climate disaster.

Alan Neuhauser, writing for U.S. News and World Report, explains how global warming is behind the deep freeze. 

Doyle Rice, writing for USA Today, explains how climate change is connecting all of the extreme weather across the globe.

Stephen Johnson, writing for Big Think, explains how this polar vortex could become more common.

Herb Scribner for Deseret News explains how global warming can explain the polar vortex in the United States.

Jim Rainey of NBC News debunks the myth that the extreme cold is not proof of climate change.