2019 News

Jessica Corbett, writing for Common Dream explains how a bold new campaign is offering a way to protect the planet from climate change.

Ron Brackett of The Weather Channel explains a new report that describes warming patterns in Canada.

Dr. Michael Mann talks about science, impacts and policies of climate change with Dave Schlom of NPR Public Radio International. 

Great article in Spiegel Online with a nice shout out to the Madhouse Effect.

Great editorial in The York Dispatch on why we cannot afford to not act on climate change.

Will Bunch, writing for The Philadelphia Inquirer, explains how the GOP is continuing to deny climate change even as floodwaters rise. 

Alan Yu, writing for Whyy, explains how farming is connected to climate change.

Iona Connor's profile on Dr. Michael Mann in The Tribune Democrat. 

Jeff Masters, writing for The Weather Channel. explains how 5.6 million people are dying for air pollution related deaths per year. 

Karen Feridun's thoughtful letter to the editor in Lancaster Online.

Stephen Caruso, writing for the Pennsylvania Capital-Star explains how the PA house committee was told that the global warming alarm is overblown. 

Dr. Michael Mann talks with host Doug Parsons of the America Adapts - The Climate Change Podcast. 

Dr. Michael Mann's interview this past weekend with Jon Bowermaster of Radio Kingston on all things climate. 

Dr. Michael Mann's opinion piece with Flora Lucia Cardoni of Penn Environment in the Harrisburg Patriot News.

Climate Reality listed Dr. Michael E. Mann as a top climate expert to follow on twitter, because sometimes it's hard to know who to trust to get the latest o n climate science.

Catch Dr. Mann's interview with Jon Bowermaster on The Green Radio Hour. Streaming Live.

Adele Peters, for Fast Company, explains how as climate change worsens storms and flooding, we need to find ways to withstand them. 

Herald Scotland Online announces that Sir David Attenborough will present a climate change documentary.

Dr. Mann's interview on MSNBC with Katy Tur on spring flooding season.