2019 News

Lisa Dunn says Trump administration is trying to bury persuasive climate change studies on Uproxx.

Tess Bonn from The Hills reports on Dr. Mann's calling for a "world war-type" mobilization to address climate change.

Jeff Berardelli for CBS News explains why climate change is to blame for  the extreme heat wave in Europe.

Stephen Leahy from National Geographic arguing the difficulty of meeting climate goals in terms of  excessive fossil-fuel power plants.

Sarah Okeson's article on The Raw Story about how Trump scientist thinking in terms of carbin dioxide.

Matthew Rozsa writes and article for Salon describing the problem we are facing when comes to prediction of the newest end-of-the-world p

Jeff Berardelli from CBS News explains why climate change is to blame regarding the recent heat wave in France.

 Dr. Mann talks with PBS NewsHour about the role climate change is playing in the current record heat wave in Europe.

Dr. Mann did an interview with Al Franken for his new podcast.

HBO released the official trailer of "Ice On Fire" climate change documentary. Dr. Mann takes a part of the project.

Audrey Tan further explains the impact of El Nino in this changing world.

Audrey Tan, writing for The Starists Time, explains how hard it is to predict what will be brought by El Nino Events.

Greg Laden claims Dr. Mann's victory on successfully predicted the trend of climate change, forcing Frontier Center to apologize.

John Morales and Brandon Lopez via NBC Miami, explains how climate change could be linked to stronger hurricanes.

the Frontier Centre retracts allegation and apologizes to Dr. Mann.

Stephaen Caruso, writing for Pennsylvania Capital-Star, discusses how PA's state House progressives standing strong against infrastructure plan.

Melanie Sloan explains what has turned Climate Denier Ken Cuccinelli into an environmentalist.