2019 News

Patrick Cloonan's report on Dr. Mann's speech at IUP via The Indiana Gazette.

Q and A to Michael Mann by Brendaon FitzGeral for Columbia Journalism Review.

Dr. Mann's review for Naomi Klein's new book "On Fire: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal."

Dr. Mann quoted on the AP FACT CHECK about science on climate and storms.

Tyler MacDonald quotes Dr. Mann's description on Trump's environmental policies via Inquisitr.

Madeleine Carlisle's article on the loosen Methan Emissions Rules via Time Magazine.

Gary Yohe and Michael Mann comment on two kinds of climate change.

By Matthew cappucci & Jason Samenow, commenting on the humidity change in D.C.

NBC Nigtly News with Lester Holt segment with correspondent Anne Thompson.

Darwin Mali critiques on Elon Musk's new comment on Nuclear Bombs on Mars via Medeical Daily.

Charlie Smith addresses on the freedom of Hong Kong, as an analogy of the importance of our changing climate.

Geoff Dembicki addresses on the falling apart of climate denial movement even with Trump in the office.

Douglas Imbrogno explains why we should save the Earth form the ongoing climate change.