2019 News

Lauren Muthler of Centre Daily Times describes what Penn State experts are saying about climate change.

Check out the Pennsylvania Auditor General's Climate Crisis hearing at Penn State.

Michael Lemonick, writing for Scientific American, explains why more than 240 scientists have already signed a document supporting students around the world in their demand for bold action to make sure the world they grow up in is livable. 

Stephen Leahy, writing for National Geographic, explains how a new climate study explains how the safety window for climate is vanishing.

Mike Melia, for Associated Press explain why climate change deniers are targeting school lessons.

Jim Salinger and Michael Mann's commentary in the New Zealand Herald.

John Plat, writing for the Revelator explains how and wy oil and gas production has risen.

Dr. Mann's recent podcast interview with Paul Samuel Dolman. 

This must-read piece by Joseph Romm for Climate Progress explains how big tech companies are destroying the climate. 

Dr. Mann's latest interview with Thom Hartman on climate change and global warming predictions. 

Nexus Media and Eco watch explain how one couple is petitioning to create a Nobel Prize for climate change. 

Joseph Romm, writing for Climate Progress explains how the worst-case scenario for global warming has changed.

Chris D'Angelo, writing for Huffington Post explains Trump's anti-science climate panel.

Jessica Corbett, writing for Common Dreams explains how a new study details the possibility of a devastating climate feedback loop.

Nicole Mortillaro, writing for CBC explains how strong policies are showing an effect on CO2 emissions in some countries. 

Dr. Michael Mann's interview on tackling the climate change crisis with Amanda J Nesheiwat for The Green Revolution Show. 

Arthur Nelsen, writing for Guardian, explains the food crises that ravaged Madagascar, Ethiopia, and Haiti.

Kashmira Gander, writing for Newsweek explains the decision behind Trump's pick for committee on threat of global warming.