2019 News

Scott Waldman, E&E News Reporter, explains how Facebook announced that Check Your Fact, which is owned by conservative news outlet The Daily Caller, will be a fact checker for the social media. 

Taylor Stewart for The Miscellany News, explains how cartoons can be used as a creative form of social commentary. 

Don Paul for The Buffalo News explains the hype behind climate change.

Dr. Mann's commentary for National Geographic's "Dear Spacecraft" series.

Alex Kirby, for Climate News Network, explains how youth protests are helping the climate change cause.

Bob Berwyn, writing for Inside Climate News, explains how extreme heat waves are becoming more common.

Evan Tuchinsky for Chico News and Review explains how the North State Public Radio show is changing.

Meehan Crist for The New Republic, explain how to talk about climate catastrophe.

Dr. Michael Mann's conversation with Lynda Steele of The Lynda Steele Show in Global News Canada.

Brian Merchant for Gizmodo explains how Amazon is connected to Big Oil.

Sir David Attenborough looks at the science of climate change and solutions to this global threat featuring Michael Mann.

Andrew Brown of The Post and Courier explains how the flooding chief helped defeat federal limits on greenhouse gas emissions. 

Dr. Mann's latest commentary for Newsweek on the irony of Trump's weaponized stupidity.

Dr. Mann's interview with Thom Hartmann on dangerous climate change and extreme weather.

Mark Kaufman, writing for Mashable, explains why the teen testimony to Congress was so important.

Kashmira Gander of Newsweek explains the report released from Obama's climate change panel.

Susan Hellauer in the Nyack News and Views explaining the seriousness of climate change.

A letter in the Guardian with George Monbiot, Greta Thunberg, Bill McKibben, Margaret Atwood and others calling for forest and ecosystem restoration as an important front in the battle to avert catastrophic climate change.