2019 News

Chris Mooney, writing for The Washington Post, explains why you cannot dismiss climate change when it's cold.

The Irish Examiner explains how climate change is affecting the biomes around the world.

Kate Wheeling, writing for Pacific Standard explains how we could be headed to the worst-case climate change scenario.

New York Post explains how last year only came in fourth hottest because of natural yearly variability.

Seth Borenstein for the Associated Press explains how even though 2018 was extremely warm, it was only the 4th warmest year on Earth.

Dr. Mann's interview with CBC Nova Scotia about the dramatic increase in melting of Greenland's ice sheet. 

Sami Grover, writing for Tree Hugger, explains how long we actually have to save the planet.

Audrey McNamara, writing for The Daily Beast explains the difference in the world's oceans over the last ten years.

Annie Proulx, writing for The Guardian, mentions The Madhouse Effect as on of the best books to understand climate change. 

Deanna Paul of The Washington Post Capital Weather Gang, explains how global actually works. 

Steve Hanley, writing for Clean Technica, explains how to talk about climate change to someone who does not believe in climate change. 

Joseph Romm, writing for Climate Progress, explained how detrimental Trump's presidency has been for the climate.

Dr. Mann talked about what it's like to be studying and communicating the greatest threat to human civilization, on the Canadian public affairs program The Agenda with Steve Paikin on January 14.

Ryan Hagan, writing for Crowdsourcing Sustainability explains how the general public can impact climate change.

Steve Hanley from Clean Technica explains how humans can absolutely destroy the planet. 

Dr. Michael Mann's talked climate change with with Greta Van Susteren on Voice of America. 

The latest opinion piece from The Madhouse Effect co-author, Tom Toles.

Bill Weir, from CNN, and Dr. Michael Mann talk climate change and energy policy. 

Aaron Burgess' letter to the editor in the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin.